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of comes in the world of contrary opinion. you know, is an expression for the city to come to wall street will come to respect and understand and that is the stock market does whatever's got to do compound the largest group of investments. what never was complacent and comfortable the forecast for guys like me come in the market is something that surprises you. in the last five years have seen a significant tea risking by the public and by institutions of the equity ownership. so what would the pantry be? the market goes up because everybody is expecting the market to go down. so you look here and see a band, every year in the last five years comes to get selling of equity funds by the public. what are they doing? they buy bond funds. even though the market is up 14% to 15%, but continuing to liquidate. then you look at the pension fund set to appear pension funds go from 60% to near 50. most of actuary assumptions in the pension minus 7% or 8% a year. if either can be real estate private equity or equity is. and many lecture at the public. they've gone from 29% of financial assets in equ
to make the decisions? so i ran for the city council in my junior year when i was 20 years old and i won. four years later i decided that i would like to be the mayor. iran and i won and laboratories of democracy i truly think cities are the frontline frontline of democracy. cities are where ideas get put into action where you can see if they are going to make a difference or not. one of the ideas that i championed it my second year in 2009 back when i was a young man was a smoking ban. banning smoking in public parks outdoors and after playgrounds and dining spaces in the comments which is a buyer -- which is our outdoor pedestrian park. the time it was very radical. the following year mayor bloomberg at the did the same thing in new york city. so he is welcome but that. i sent him a note and i told him any other ideas you want we can talk. you can do these things on a city level because you can reach -- speak to them and not let don't speak over them because you can only keep their attention for this long. who can grab and hold onto their attention what is more he cannot score politica
there's never been a tax cut in history of new york city government. every single buyer in the past come including republicans had always raise taxes. i did it again for eight years and ultimately we got some really big tax cuts, ended up being three, $4 billion in tax cuts. we were adding higher taxes because it energized the economy. it took money out of the wasted pocket of the city and put it in the hands of people who actually spend money in a productive and sensible way that produces jobs. wasn't the only thing that turned round economy in new york city. but here's the difference, started with 10.5%. i left at 5.5% unemployment. a site with 1.1 on welfare unless a 500,000 people on welfare. i started with a city that had a population of 7.5 million left a city with the .1 million people. a lot of that has to do with the fact that it energized the private or. that's the difference was going to happen with taxes depending on the choice the american people make on november 6th. were either going to be fighting a battle all of next year about how high this president about what to
of the twin cities metro area. joining me now, republican incumbent seeking his second term in congress, a former airline pilot and navy veteran. republican rick nolan, elected in 1974 and left office in the early 80s to pursue a business career. gentlemen, thank you for joining us here today. most voters are getting information about the two of you through television commercials so i want to show you each a commercial and then have you respond to some of the things said about each of you on the air waves. this season an add that targets chip. >> chip went to washington and brought back strange ideas. instead of town hall meetings, you had to pay to seem them driving a thousand dollar a month suv at taxpayer expense and voted to end the medicare system making seniors pay more while millionaires get more tax cuts. chip was supposed to take minnesota values to washington, not the other way around. >> moderator: it is a catchy tune. can't get that out of your head, but dough yo stand by that rick nolan? nolan: there's more important issues in the contest than car allowances. it is about ta
ought in the farway city. i think i thought then it was done. this is as much as i could do. i decided i wasn't going duodwo 2012. my son, you know, was now a year old at this point. so he -- he's the only baby born in term one during the life of the campaign. he's the obama baby. my second baby, i'm digressing, my second son, was born about 120-day mark of the new administration. so we had a lot of stuff going on at home too. and so when i look at it, it's so different. because this time four years ago i had 58 races under my belt. the obama campaign had not one yet this year. i just think that this is really hard work to go -- many of them left for chicago about two years ago. and it's, you know, some people may describe it in the news as a flog. i imagine it is. it's probably really hard to go that long and have that one day at the very end. and i can't imagine, you know, and so that's a difference. i don't know yet. that's there. at this point, you had 58, 57 or 58 tests of us you could see how we were doing. we haven't had that yet for the obama campaign. even romney had races under
's a movie theater i write about in "instant city" i've visited it. it's been there since the 1947. it showed films from all over the tbrorld the united states from england, from india and to me it symbolized the resilience of the country inspite of the violence people have suffered in many decades in pakistan. u during one of the protest against a video that insulted the prophet mohammad. it had a negative image. during one of the protest people turned against the movie theater and burnt them. i adopt see that as a protest against the west. i don't see that as a protest against the united states even though avatar was one of the movies you could have gone to see at the theater. you had islamist act victs who had not liked these movies theaters for decades. way before in prophet mohammad fell which was never shown in them anyway. and so they grabbed an opportunity to attack. and they whipped up a bunch of young people. there were teens involved who stole soda from the snack bar on the way to burn this movie theater to just torch it. and i argue in that piece what they were really attacking wa
and i'm new york city not trying to get you -- i'm not trying to get you torn up and upset. i'm telling you the truth. this is what is going to happen. if you really -- if you want north korea come back, quicker, stronger, broader, deeper, more modern, more relevant to the future, if you want to rebuild the 21st century american middle class and just as important give poor people a ladder in to it, you have to make the right choice. [applause] at nevada, look at the crowd you are the picture of america's future. go out there and claim it on election day. god bless you. [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ presidential debate thursday night live on c-span c-span radio and online at c-span.org. watch and engage. coming up next, here on c-span2, a discussion on women's health care in contraceptive services. then the vice president of spain's largest bank talks about the european debt crisis. that's followed bay discussion on the foreign policy plan laid out by republican presidential nominee mitt romney. >> look at c-span radio at the 15th anniversary
american cities. mushroom clouds. he had the time to deliberate and think about it. time for people to disagree. it was crucial to successful crisis management in that case. i think that to whatever extent that has been lost in the deliberative processes of government today, it is to our impoverishment. >> host: how was the crisis defused, professor graham allison? >> guest: that is a long story, but i will try to be brief about it. it was installed on the 22nd of october, a great speech, as i'm sure the next couple of weeks will roll out, it will get played more than once on tv. but you can go to a website that we put up. belfercenter.org. even links to the secret tapes that kennedy made of these deliberations. which raise questions about the ethics about, there is a fantastic opportunity to be a fly on the wall listening to people to liberate about things that could've led to nuclear war. in any case, he goes into operation. the naval blockade of cuba prevents this shipment of any new missiles. but the problem is, there are any missiles and nuclear warheads in cuba. once kennedy a
to every hoosier on the farm and in the city. i think we can do all of that together. >> moderator: mr. gregg. gregg: thank you for the question. while the people of indiana talk about our budget surplus as you correctly pointed out we over -- all over $1.5 billion but we also have $1.5 billion owed -- we have allotted dead and the truth of the matter is we really don't know how much money we do have. we have to honor those and see to it that those who have forked and paid into the retirement fund that the result and we will but we have to continue whittling back down and we do that by growing the economy, by focusing in areas where we have got growth opportunity to create jobs in the bag, advanced manufacturing, logistics, life sciences and energy and if we focus on growing our economy than we will be able to see additional funds come in for we can put additional funds to the debt we have an indiana and the funds will be solvent and that is a priority. >> moderator: thank you mr. gregg. we have heard what everybody's thoughts are the first time around will give 30 seconds for rebuttal
and more -- daily bombardment by the syrian air force and a whole city in ruins, and i find it's a scandal that neither the european council or other european institutions are taking their responsibility together with the international community on that scandal. >> thank you very much. i look forward -- now the green group. mr. president, mrs. president, colleagues. first of all on women's issues in european union, i have to say i wish all the very best to mr. rearing. i would urge all female commissioners in the european commission to move this forward. every woman in the european union who is called to exercise influence in the european union or throughout the european union should know basically it should be about ability. other women should know are willing to push through measures such as quotas, and this awareness, this idea that should encourage all to back mrs. reading in the european commission, and mr. boroso. so, expect you to take a positive initiative, which can make the european union shine. but you really support mrs. reading on this now. now, it's a real pity that mr. mars
stalemated in the desert, and then what you had is a situation that was the third largest city, and the regime couldn't conquer there, and an arab city, a urban area, and there's cohesiveness among the people so there was an airstrip there to bring supplies there. those things eventually won the war. when the u.s. thought of a no-fly zone, okay, the guys move east to west. then the war was stalemated very quickly. what you had -- what you saw was a gradual explanation, fixed wing planes to helicopters, french brought those in couple months later for precision and be able to bomb those regime targets, and then you brought spotters on the ground and special forces, western special forces to work with the rebels. there was a garage wall escalation. >> should that happen in syria or what's your view? >> i think the problem in syria is if we go to the no-fly zone, no guarantee that's leading to a rebel victory. what we haved too is try to work, find and negotiate is settlement with the regime to have a soft landing in this point in time. >> do you think the regime had plenty of time
york city ways the atm for american politics, where might the anti-semi and decided that they should make that because i was proven in fact we control the world. i'm not so sure about that. some days i wake up and say it's good to be a member of these conspiracy, but it's hard. the banks in the morning, media in the afternoon. the conspiracy at night in the comments colberg at we could offer people on one call, they communicate in that way. that being said, were writing checks, but were not participating. and this has taken on a greater and much more significant center in the latter part of the bush years, going into the obama years and going forward. so what we're doing is ugly, as opposed to the clinton years as are not participating. even political scientist nrb writing studies to indicate, and i've looked at them to check readiness important part of public participation, rather than going to go. you know, it's kind of nice. so where presiding over a people like me have created a political system. i talk about that this week in "the wall street journal." for participating in a sys
hotels. now low wind, but just more simple kind of structure and operation. and actually, so lake city airport. and these hotels, the front desk is actually also the starbucks and the breakfast counter. the same person who checks u.n. gets you your coffee and danish. and that is just as simple everyone is looking to do more things with fewer people. therefore instead of 25,000 person, britney 50 people creating jobs. i think it is going to require the really different approach to the economy. we have education here. the two are connected. we have to completely. in an ideal world that is what the connection might be about. romney's few. it's not. but some are elated that is what we're going to have to go to. >> the last of questions. it talks about new actors in the rise of china. you might also characterize it as the emergence of new competitors, new rivals, both in terms of economics and our. tom rowe in his last book china is even the most of its authoritarian as some. by contrast we're getting only 50 percent of the potential benefits from our first-rate democratic system. john brok
succeeded. we succeeded because of our outstanding pollees. and let us in the city of manchester show our appreciation is for the extraordinary policemen and women of our country do for our country. caught back [applause] and we succeeded and this is a real blessing. we succeeded because of a group of individuals. a group of individuals against london's bid and thought nevermind, we are going to pioneer the bid to london. we are going to fight for the bid for london. we are going to win the bid for london to our very dame tessa jowell. [applause] you know what? e. nowak, friends, we succeeded because of one reason more than any other. we succeeded because of bias. we succeeded because of us, as the british people, us the british people who welcome the athletes from abroad, who chairs the non, found ourselves talking to each other each morning about what happened at the olympics the night before. whether we hadn't talked to each other before, we succeeded because we came together as a country. we were together as a country. we join together as a country. that is why we achieve more than we
friend peter scheer started here. we are going to lots of cities to help them grow economically and create jobs and helping environments. we do a tremendous amount for education and veterans. we have hired, and if you're a veteran in this room thank you very much for serving this country, we have hired 4800 veterans this year in the last 18 months or so. there is this thing called 100,000 jobs which we help starting hired 28,000 veterans and we have done 4500 ourselves. while other people are talking, we are doing. before this program we will do 1000 so we try to participate and to me it's all the same thing, healthy vibrant company, makes it all possible. the dying company, now been it is possible. i will put it in that same thing by the way, people say as an employee or shareholder if i don't make customers happy there is nothing else. if our employees don't do a good job -- it's all important to me. i try to run a fair profit, take care of your own people in your clients. let me go back to the mistake issue one more time. here's a question for you all. we have something like
it on tuesday, he loses on the two city it seems very political. i said before the at times this debate seemed like foghorn leghorn versus duty house or i really think that's true. both people up there seem kind of artificial in some ways. and joe biden at his best is genuine. joe biden blame it on too thick. >> we were discussing earlier the stories paul ryan was telling, not really a strong suit of the personal stories here they are happening often. the afghanistan question about the reservists. the delay that on to pick when he was trying to get into the personal stories? >> again, we are all responding with her own impressions, but to me that felt very political, very contrived. insert personal anecdote here. i suppose it's a matter of taste. >> which it was st. thomas one of those things where washington perspective might not necessarily match what people will take away from the debate. >> i think people in peoria can recognize a talking point. >> 95% of the debate was a clearly rehearsed talking point. all the questions he got were predictable and the answers were practice. >> jim, the l
the local city council. i knew nothing of israel palestine. due to the inadequate distorted media coverage we have on this very important subject. just to set the scene i will mention a few years ago we did studies on u.s. coverage but being at how the u.s. news media covered death of both populations. rediscover the first year there were 28 israeli children and 131 palestinian children killed. how was this covered prime-time news network? would get the chart a we've boarded israeli children's death and 14 times greater than palestinian deaths of many americans have no idea that they are being killed at all. the final chart is "the new york times" report the first curve year times reporting on israeli children death during the first year. mess -- next to see the actual death curve and it is the light blue column following a similar kerf although little lower because they had follow-up reports. for the palestinian children who were killed the first year is the red line and follows a similar curve to the israeli children death in is lower but similar then we see the actual death curve killed
take part in the social media. on twitter we are mosen. our appreciation to the city of clinton police as well as the school district roasting tonight's event. before we begin i would like to review the debate format. each candidate will give a three minute opening statement and a three minute closing statement. next the panel of media sponsors, chamber and school district representative will ask questions of the candidates. both candidates will respond to the same question and have one and a half minutes to do so. rebuttals will be at the discretion of the moderator and we will last 45 seconds to read after that we will take questions from the audience who receive an index card as the entered the auditorium this morning and they asked to print their questions out and i will post the questions as long as time permits. let me introduce the official timekeeper, rose assistant vice chancellor of government and community relations of washington university. rose, please hit the green light read this indicates the time has officially begun for a candidate to respond. win 30 seconds remain, b
] yeah, no protestants for the first time in history. there are representatives of four new york city boar roes on -- boroughs on the supreme court. there is justice sotomayor from the bronx, justice scalia from queens, justice ginsburg from brooklyn and justice kagan from manhattan. tragically, staten island is unrepresented on the supreme court, but you never know when there might be vacancies, and we might address that gap. [laughter] there are six products of harvard law school and three products of yale law school on the supreme court. there are apparently no other law schools in the united states. [laughter] besides those two. no, it is a bizarre and unfortunately fact, i think. but those are, i hope, interesting facts about the supreme court. but frankly, i don't think they're very important. here's an important fact. about the supreme court. there are five republicans and four democrats. i will speak for somewhat longer, but this is basically all you need to know. [laughter] if be there's a takeaway here, i have gotten to the point early. there are five republicans and four de
. she's a motorcycle biker, talking to people at sun city standing in long lines in shorts and white sneakers. but in the end, you talk to them and their speaking and railways the strategists and pundits then we don't. we're smart, we listen. >> i will tell you, i confess. on election night i get this tangle up and down my back and i get teary when i think about, we are one of the very few places on the planet where we can change our leadership without firing a gun without a drop of blood. still come as many years as i've been doing that, if still get so excited. >> it's amazing. [applause] >> and i would agree who's going to the most motivated to get out the vote. one of your observations and the immediate aftermath of the primaries i'm sure the defeated candidates weren't too thrilled, but they seem more enthused now that the race is close. it's going to be purchasing to watch what happens over the next couple weeks. and i'd like to take some questions from the audience for our distinguished panel. >> airship to talk to voters? >> this is around town hall version of the program. as
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